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5 Reasons Why Adult Students Succeed

By Kris Powers | February 21st 2018

Stepping blocks up to your goal

More than 40 percent of Americans enrolled in colleges are adult learners – students who are 25 years old or older - and many colleges and universities are just starting to consider their diverse needs.

Skill advancement

Skill areas that experts recommend you brush up on for you to remain marketable through 2026.

5 Benefits of Upskilling

By Kris Powers | February 7th 2018

No limits street sign

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a rut at work? Are opportunities for advancement passing you by? Have you considered looking for a new position, but feel that your knowledge and skills may be a bit rusty? It’s time to upskill with Ed4Online!

Prioritize Your Personal Development

By Kris Powers | January 31st 2018

A red hot air balloon rising above the others

There’s nothing like the start of a new year to rejoice in our past successes, reflect on our mistakes, and resolve to learn something new.

Don't Let Your Fears Affect Your Future

By Kris Powers | January 24th 2018

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Have you been contemplating a career change? Are you afraid that you are becoming irrelevant in your current field?

More Students Enrolling in Online Classes

By Kris Powers | January 17th 2018

Photo of laptop and notebook

According to the report, federal data from more than 4,700 colleges and universities shows that in 2016, 6.34 million students were enrolled in at least one online course, compared with 5.99 million students in 2015.

7 Steps to More Effective Problem Solving

By Kris Powers | January 10th 2018

Woman on staircase leading up to success

The following steps can help you better identify issues and come up with solutions for life’s obstacles!

5 Tips to Help Make 2018 Great!

By Kris Powers | January 4th 2018

Goals for 2018

The internet is teeming with suggestions on how to make 2018 one of the best years ever. Websites such as Wired,  Odyssey, Business Insider and Happy Fit Mama recently released articles on how to make 2018 one of your best years yet. My favorite tips are below:

1.       Embrace Stillness.

Time for Change

By Kris Powers | December 28th 2017

Time for change

Start making changes today that will benefit your future. Contact us today to learn more about how our online courses can help you upskill, gain certification in your field, or earn college credits at a fraction of the cost of traditional brick and mortar schools.

3 Holiday Tips for Online Students

By Kris Powers | December 20th 2017

Beautiful woman at laptop

During the holidays, the lack of schedule and structure, while refreshing, can wreak havoc on the online student’s schedule. Learn some tips to prevent you from falling behind in your schoolwork this holiday season!