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Event planning

Do you love to host parties or decorate for events? Are you organized and work well with a deadline? Do you love to plan dinner parties or help with wedding planning? Maybe birthday parties? Would you believe that you can make a career out of these very things?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states event planners are involved in organizing a variety of events.  They plan weddings, business conventions and educational conferences to name a few.  They may also be involved in planning reunions, anniversaries, award ceremonies, charity events and much more! Some of their responsibilities, according to BLS, include the following:

Physical Fitness Trainer

Personal fitness instructors, or personal trainers, work with clients of all ages and skill levels. They instruct individuals or groups with cardiovascular and strength training exercises. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are common duties of a personal trainer:

Female professional

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy aides work directly under the supervision of a physical therapist and physical therapy assistant. Physical therapy assistants are not often involved in direct patient care. They are responsible for helping get the patient care area ready for the physical therapist and physical therapy assistants to help a patient who has had an injury or some other ailment where they need help getting their range of motion back. Physical therapy aides are responsible for the following according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

Teacher’s Aide Professional Program

By Kris Powers | November 12th 2019

Teaching in a classroom of young students

Teacher’s aides, also known as teaching assistants, work with and under the supervision of a licensed teacher. Teacher’s aides may work with small groups of students and report back any specific needs that they identify. Teacher’s aides may also work with special education students. This could be in a normal classroom where they provide extra support to a student, or this could be in a special education classroom. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists common duties of teacher’s aides including:

  • Reinforcing lessons by reviewing material with students one-on-one or in small groups

  • Following school and classroom rules to teach students proper behavior

A caterer is often responsible for cooking and organizing food service for a variety of events. Caterers often provide food for weddings, fundraisers, parties and conferences.  They are responsible for meeting with the client and establishing a plan and a menu. They may also be responsible for cooking, presenting and even serving food and drinks at the event. Caterers can work with restaurants, private companies, event centers or may be self employed.

There are three main types of catering to consider when contemplating a catering career. Career Explorer lists the three most common types of catering including mobile catering, hotel/restaurant catering and private catering.

Smiling dental office assistant

Dental office assistants are usually the first face patients see when walking into a dental office. Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist, so a nice smiling face when they walk into the office can ease anxiety and make their experience better. Dental office assistants often handle clerical duties within a dental office. This may include:

Photo of a male photographer

Photographers can be a vital component in capturing the memories of some very important events in a person’s life. They use their creativity, expertise and composition skills to put together the perfect image. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, photographers also do the following:

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Medical billers and coders are involved in processing insurance claims for diagnoses and treatments provided by physicians and other medical personnel. They code both the diagnosis and request payments from the patient’s insurance company. Accurate billing and coding is imperative as it affects the reimbursement provided to the office or hospital in which they work.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of a medical biller and coder include the following, according to the AAPC:

Cannabis Careers- Cooking and Edibles Track

By Kris Powers | October 17th 2019

Marijuana leaf with chocolate pieces

Often known as cannabis chefs, these are the individuals responsible for cooking and making edibles with marijuana. They infuse food and drinks with THC which is the chemical compound that is found in marijuana. Cannabis chefs must find creative ways to use butters and oils that have been infused with THC to create food, drinks and other edibles. They also use cannabis concentrates to make medical and recreational edibles.

Cannabis chefs not only have to follow state to state regulations on edibles, but they must also follow standard food safety requirements. They are required to label the edibles with the correct ingredient and potency information. Some states have restrictions on the types of edibles that can be produced and sold, so they must be up to date on their state’s requirements.