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Military Family Appreciation Month

By Kris Powers | November 1st 2017

Military Family picture

Throughout the month of November, military families will be honored and recognized for their support of our military and nation. This is an excellent time to recognize these families for the commitment and contributions they make every single day.

Halloween and Other Scary Things!

By Kris Powers | October 25th 2017

Happy image on a laptop

Goblins, ghouls and things that go bump in the night are frightening for sure. But do you know what else is scary? Finding yourself stuck in a dead-end job. Working in a career that you’re not passionate about. Lacking essential skills that could allow you to progress in your field.

The Art of Self-Discovery

By Kris Powers | October 18th 2017

Young woman smiling

Are you currently feeling lost? It is never too late to re-discover yourself!

Ten Steps Closer to a Career Change

By Kris Powers | October 11th 2017

Image showing steps and ideas

People who work in careers that are well suited to them and their values are happier and healthier. If you’ve been experiencing discontent in your current position or feel like maybe it’s time for a change; the following steps will guide you in exploring if a career change is right for you.

Five Tips for Online Learning Success

By Kris Powers | October 4th 2017

Study calendar on laptop screen

With the widespread use of internet technologies, students of any age can take advantage of learning anytime, anywhere. You never have to stop learning!

The 12 Fastest Growing Jobs in America

By Kris Powers | September 27th 2017

Young man racing towards a new career

The BLS reports that “Overall employment in the U.S. economy is projected to increase 6.5 percent during the 2014–24 decade, adding about 9.8 million new jobs. We focus on the top 12 in this article.

6 Common Career Myths

By Kris Powers | September 20th 2017

Career Planning

For those just entering the workforce (as well as those currently in the workforce) it’s important to realize that careers, dreams and aspirations are constantly evolving.

Add More to Your Day!

By Kris Powers | September 13th 2017

Work life balance

Take a good long look at your life. How are you feeling at the end of every day? Upon awakening? Are there pieces of you that you feel are being neglected? Make note of them and come up with steps to nurture those areas in your life!

In Search of the Organized Mind

By Kris Powers | September 6th 2017

Brain with gears

In light of my current crazed mental state, I hit upon the idea of writing on the topic of the “organized mind” for this blog piece. Apparently, I’m not the only one seeking help in this age of digital overload.

Going Back to School as an Adult Learner

By Kris Powers | August 30th 2017

Adult Student

The start of school was always a favorite time of mine. Fresh school year, new school supplies, new classmates and professors, the feeling of “anything is possible."