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Child care directors or managers supervise the staff, oversee budgets, design program plans and oversee daily activities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also lists the following as common daily tasks of a daycare manager:

  • Supervise preschool teachers and childcare workers
  • Hire and train new staff members
  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff
  • Establish policies and communicate them to staff and parents
  • Develop educational programs and standards
  • Maintain instructional excellence
  • Assist staff in communicating with parents and children
  • Meet with parents and staff to discuss students’ progress
  • Prepare budgets and allocate program funds
  • Ensure that facilities are maintained and cleaned according to state regulations

Most child care managers work in standalone childcare centers, whether those are privately owned centers or part of a franchise. A smaller percentage of day care managers work in schools or religious facilities that provide daycare services. Daycare managers usually work in the office setting of the childcare center.

Daycare managers are projected to remain in demand and the career is expected to grow faster than average.  It is expected to increase 7% from 2018 to 2028 according to This is due to the need for families to have two incomes in order to meet expenses, so their children are in daycare while they work. 

Daycare managers must have a passion for children. lists other important qualities in a childcare center manager:

  • Experience and Education- a child daycare manager should have experience working with children in a daycare setting.  They must be knowledgeable in dealing with interactions with parents and other childcare related issues.  They need education in early childhood education as well.
  • Sense of Responsibility- a child care manager is responsible for the lives of little children on a daily basis.  They must be responsible and proactive to teach, protect and care for young children and also train staff to do the same. 
  • Communication Skills- they must be able to communicate effectively both through verbal and written communication with staff, parents and children.  They need to be able to build trusting relationships with their staff and parents.  Showing warmth and a caring personality will help children build relationships with them as well.
  • Management Ability- they are responsible for managing and operating the daycare center.  They need to meet licensing requirements. They must be organized to manage their facility and set goals for how children will be taught and cared for. 

Ed4Career offers Complete Career Training Programs including the Child Daycare Manager Professional Program which includes Early Childhood Development, Child Day Care Management, Child Health, Safety and Nutrition, Preschool Fun Ideas!, Marketing & PR an Accounting for the Non-Accountant courses.  Upon successful completion of our Child Day Care Management course, students will be prepared for a job in the Child Day Care industry and, in part, for the education requirements to become an NCCB Certified Child Care Worker (CCCW).


By Kris Powers | February 26th 2020

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