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A New and Unique Way to Raise Money All Year Long!

Ed4Online offers a creative fundraising alternative for your organization. Raise thousands of dollars each year with Ed4Online’s online training.


Ed4Online Fundraising can be used by all types of non-profits:

  • Charities: Local, National, or International
  • Agencies & Associations
  • Professional Organizations
  • Civic Organizations
  • Churches & Synagogues
  • Schools & Colleges

Control your own profit margins by setting your own retail price on all courses!

Ed4Online understands that non-profits can’t afford to launch a fundraiser and have it fail, and we want to limit the risk of your fundraiser. There is NO cost to work with our organization, so there is NO risk for your non-profit! That’s why working with us is the right way to go.

If you’re fundraising for a specific non-profit organization, either in your local area or for a national cause, we’ve got a great non-profit fundraising idea for training! Causes take off when you go online! Online fundraising options, like Ed4Online, add a new dimension of reach and accessibility to your non-profit fundraising campaign.

Whether raising funds for an animal shelter or helping children in third world countries, Ed4Online aims to maximize the effectiveness of your non-profit organization’s fundraising campaign.

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