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Add More to Your Day!

By Kris Powers | September 13th 2017

Work life balance

Take a good long look at your life. How are you feeling at the end of every day? Upon awakening? Are there pieces of you that you feel are being neglected? Make note of them and come up with steps to nurture those areas in your life!

In Search of the Organized Mind

By Kris Powers | September 6th 2017

Brain with gears

In light of my current crazed mental state, I hit upon the idea of writing on the topic of the “organized mind” for this blog piece. Apparently, I’m not the only one seeking help in this age of digital overload.

Going Back to School as an Adult Learner

By Kris Powers | August 30th 2017

Adult Student

The start of school was always a favorite time of mine. Fresh school year, new school supplies, new classmates and professors, the feeling of “anything is possible."

Mind Mapping

By Kris Powers | August 23rd 2017

A mind map is a free-form way of organizing long lists of information and can be a fun and creative way to show relationships between thoughts and ideas. Simply put, a mind map is a diagram that literally “maps out” your ideas by connecting your thoughts to a central subject.

10 Steps to Setting Effective Career Development Goals

By Kris Powers | August 16th 2017


By taking the time to set effective career development goals, you can measure progress and track yourself getting closer and closer to the career you have envisioned for yourself.

Time Management

W\hat is the best way gain control over your morning hours for peak performance? Learn more here!

7 Steps for Adult Back-to-School Success

By Kris Powers | August 2nd 2017

Group of Adult Students

Whether it has been one year, ten years or even forty years since you were enrolled in college, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure you’ll be successful in your new endeavor.

The Power of Friendship

By Kris Powers | July 26th 2017

Group of friends laughing

Celebrate International Day of Friendship on July 30th!.

Creating a Vision Board

By Kris Powers | July 19th 2017

Vision Board

The purpose of creating a vision board for yourself is to serve as a creative, daily reminder of the goals you wish to attain by realizing the power of visualization.

Staying Focused in an Online Course

By Kris Powers | July 12th 2017

Woman on a laptop

With the right preparation and dedication, you will be able to complete your online course successfully and meet all your learning or training needs.