Cannabis Careers- Cooking and Edibles Track

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Often known as cannabis chefs, these are the individuals responsible for cooking and making edibles with marijuana. They infuse food and drinks with THC which is the chemical compound that is found in marijuana. Cannabis chefs must find creative ways to use butters and oils that have been infused with THC to create food, drinks and other edibles. They also use cannabis concentrates to make medical and recreational edibles.

Cannabis chefs not only have to follow state to state regulations on edibles, but they must also follow standard food safety requirements. They are required to label the edibles with the correct ingredient and potency information. Some states have restrictions on the types of edibles that can be produced and sold, so they must be up to date on their state’s requirements.

Cannabis chefs must have a strong culinary background. They must have extensive knowledge in not only cannabis, but also producing food in general.  They must be able to correctly operate stoves, food processors, mixers and other various kitchen equipment. As this is a newer career, they must possess creativity in coming up with new foods and drinks to be infused with marijuana.

Green Entrepreneur states that edibles are more appealing because you get the effects of marijuana without having to smoke it. It is a trend that has been appealing to more upscale marijuana consumers. 11.1 million edibles were sold in Colorado alone in 2017. As more states start to legalize marijuana, the business of edibles is expected to grow exponentially. 

Ed4Career offers Cannabis Careers. With the growing acceptance of the use of cannabis and the legalization of cannabis across the country, this is becoming a more common career. Our Cooking and Edibles Track offers Medical Marijuana, The Cannabis Kitchen and Cannabis Laws and Policies courses. If you want to combine your creativity in the kitchen and the growing industry of legalized cannabis consumption, check out cannabis careers today!

Upon successful completion of our Cooking & Edibles Track, students will be prepared for a position in the field and to sit for the NCCB national certification exam to become a Certified Cannabis Edibles Professional (CCEP).


By Kris Powers | October 17th 2019

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