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Photographers can be a vital component in capturing the memories of some very important events in a person’s life. They use their creativity, expertise and composition skills to put together the perfect image. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, photographers also do the following:

  • Market or advertise services to attract clients
  • Analyze and plan the composition of photographs
  • Use various photographic techniques and lighting equipment
  • Capture subjects in professional-quality photographs
  • Enhance the subject’s appearance with natural or artificial light
  • Use photo-enhancing software
  • Maintain a digital portfolio to demonstrate their work
  • Archive and manage imagery

Photographers who choose to run their own business will have some added responsibilities. They must schedule their own appointments, buy supplies, keep records, collect money from their customers, pay bills and set up and breakdown their own equipment. If they eventually hire other employees, they must then manage payroll, hiring and directing their workers.

Photography comes in many different forms. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following as some of the most common areas of photography:

  • Aerial photographers-they often travel in planes and helicopters to capture photos of buildings and landscapes.
  • Commercial and industrial photographers -take pictures of subjects such as buildings, models, merchandise, artifacts, and landscapes.
  • Drone photographers -operate unmanned aerial vehicles with an integrated camera to capture 360-degree imagery of buildings, landscapes, scenery, or events. 
  • Fine arts photographers –these are photographers that sell their photography.
  • News photographers- photograph people, places, and events for newspapers, journals, magazines, or television.
  • Portrait photographers –they take photographs of people and events. They often do weddings, religious ceremonies and parties.
  • Scientific photographers -capture scientific or medical data or phenomena. They may even use a microscope to photograph images that are too small for the human eye to see.

Photographers must have an innate artistic ability. If they are portrait photographers, they must be able to work well with people and explain to them how they want them posed. They must understand how lighting and positioning will affect the photos as they need to be aesthetically appealing. In today’s society, they must also have some computer skills as most photos are taken digitally and edited on the computer.

Ed4Career is proud to offer a variety of creative careers in our Complete Career Training Programs (CCTP). Among those is our Photography Professional Program. This program includes Professional Photography, Start Your Own Business, Create Stunning Digital Photographs, Learn Photoshop Elements 2018, The Art of Photographing Nature and Adobe Photoshop CC courses.

This CCTP teaches not only the how to of photography, but also how to start your own business. We include information on both digital and analog photography including editing. We also cover the fundamental principles including lighting, optics and the basics of exposure. If you would like to start capturing memories today, check out our Photography Professional Program!

By Kris Powers | October 24th 2019

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