Reinventing Yourself - One Step at a Time

Time to Reinvent Yourself

Reinvention. The word hints at limitless possibility. Although I am always looking for ways to grow and learn; there are times when I start really noodling the word “reinvention” around and looking to see what areas of my life I feel need improvement.

A few years ago, I realized that I’d get the itch to reinvent during two specific times every year – Spring and Fall. And I began to wonder why. Living in Florida, it’s not as if we have distinct seasons that might signify change. We are hot, then go slightly cooler, then get hot again. So, for me, it’s not a seasonal change that brings these stirrings to the surface. I began to wonder if it was because, while in school, the start of new semesters occurred around that time. If that’s true, then perhaps I’ve been conditioned to anticipate exciting new things at those times. Much like Pavlov’s dog, the ringing in of the Spring and Fall seasons leads me to anticipate something exciting coming my way.

I don’t believe that reinvention needs to be a complete overhaul. It could be as simple as reinventing how you approach a typical situation (i.e. housework, finances, time management, etc.). You may look at the processes you have in place and reinvent how you do things to make them easier, faster, more efficient.

The same is true for reinventing yourself. Maybe there is a habit you’d like to change. Or you feel that there are areas of your life that need attention (friendships, spiritual needs, physical needs). Perhaps you realize that you may not be living your best self because of stress or anxiety. In these situations, reinventing even a small portion of yourself can have large and long-lasting benefits.

How does one go about reinventing certain areas of their lives?

·         Observing. Watching how others approach typical situations can lead to insight on how you might be able to implement some of these practices into your own life.

·         Learning. There are many great online courses design to instruct on almost any topic.

·         Listening. Podcasts and TED Talks are two of my favorite sources.

·         Reading. Books, magazines, online articles. Someone, somewhere, has most likely written about the area in which you are looking to improve.

The information, tips and tricks that you’ll pick up through any of these methods will help you draft steps that you need to take to improve specific areas of your life.

Reinvention is powerful. Whether large or small scale, it can change how you feel about approaching every day. Reinvention is possibility. It’s a hope for your future self, something to strive towards. Reinvention creates anticipation. Let’s face it, many of us love having something to look forward to.

Ed4Career can help you on your quest for reinvention. We have hundreds of online courses designed for those interested in learning a new skill or honing an existing one. And if your reinvention plans include a new career; we have excellent training programs designed to help you do just that.

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By Kris Powers | January 29th 2020

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