Advice for Parents Going Back to School

Adult female student with baby on lap

Pursuing your studies can be difficult at any stage of life; but when you have others depending on you, it can seem daunting. 

How do you carve out the time for career training or taking courses for degree completion? It might be a little difficult, but it is NOT impossible!

The following steps will help you get started:

  1. Research different careers and interests to help determine where you might like your education to take you. Have you always been interested in Interior Design? How about Counseling and Coaching? Want to take your love of health and fitness to the next level and become a consultant or instructor?
  2. What educational requirements are needed? What type of education and training will you need for your chosen career? Will it involve on-site training, college, or certification?
  3. Explore your options. What types of programs are out there to help you reach your career goals? Will you need to take courses on campus, online, or both?
  4. Take a look at your situation. Do you have ones at home needing your care? Do you have available child-care resources and support? What hours of the day would you have to dedicate to your schooling? Your answers will help determine the types of courses you will be most successful in.
  5. Test the waters. Sign up for one course and see how it fits into your schedule.
  6. Dive in. Once you’ve experienced some success, map out the number of courses it will take to complete your training and set a schedule. Keep this visual “goal” handy, so that you can track your progress!
  7. Don’t forget to ask for help. Ask family and friends to support you in your endeavor. Perhaps they can offer child-care or run errands to allow you time to study. Reach out to your learning institution and instructors if you are struggling with the material or due dates. Build your support team around you to help you succeed!

Whether you’ve put your career on hold to focus on your family, or are looking to change careers, there are many options out there to help you reach your career goals.

Check out our website for more useful information on online courses. Enroll in one of these courses today and you will be on your way towards an exciting new career!


By Kris Powers | May 15th 2019

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