Are You Experiencing Pivot Fatigue?

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For many, the onset of COVID resulted in a major disruption in both personal and professional lives. Some lost their jobs, others had to move their offices and their children’s schooling into their homes. The stress and toll on financial, personal and mental health will be felt for a long time.

Many companies found themselves scrambling to pivot business functions and procedures from an in-person world to a more virtual world. Employees are learning how to operate in new ways, and many corporations and individuals alike are experiencing pivot fatigue.

What is pivot fatigue? Many of us pride ourselves on problem-solving and being able to change direction and course in an agile manner, making any transition as smooth as possible. We put these skills to good use when learning how to successfully operate from home, meeting the needs of our clients and customers who may have been more accustomed to more standard, in person, methods and practices.

After a solid year of developing new systems, scouting out new resources, learning new tools, some of us are flat-out exhausted.

There was rest in the commonplace activities. We didn’t have to think so hard every single minute of every single day. Common work tasks could sometimes be done by rote, without anxiety, or tension. The body and mind are meant to take a fight or flight approach when faced with adversity. It’s not normal to face that level of adversity every single day. But there is nothing common about what we are facing today. Every system is new. Every communication is often in an entirely different format than it used to be, and it all takes work.

Our world has gotten smaller, yet larger at the same time as we are connecting more frequently via Zoom or WebEx with people all across the US to try to bring some face-to-face normalcy to the situation we find ourselves in. While change can be exhausting, it can also be exhilarating. Now is a fantastic time to fine-tune the systems we cobbled together at the beginning of this pandemic, to get better at what we do.

If you find yourself suffering from pivot fatigue and wanting to brush up on soft skills in the areas of communication, emotional IQ and more, we have courses for you. Maybe you wish to get stronger in these areas to better do your job; or perhaps you would like to gain new skills to help you in your search for a new position. Whatever the reason, Ed4Career is proud to be your course provider.

Better Interpersonal Communication, Customer Service Survival Skills, Dealing with Difficult People, Email Etiquette: Netiquette, Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, and Improving Your Interview Skills are just a few of the courses we offer. Visit us, enroll and get started today! We offer Career Training courses as well as Personal Enrichment courses. Take the time to explore all we have to offer. Nourish yourself with knowledge. 

For those who have successfully transitioned to a new business model - congratulations. For those still struggling to figure out their place in this new world – keep at it. And, of course, I’m saddened for those businesses who did not survive. I wish you much success in your next endeavor. We all hope for better things ahead.


By Kris Powers | March 25th 2021

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