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Career Spotlight: Fitness Instructor

By Anonymous | December 15th 2015

Interested in a portable and sustainable career? For many, that concept translates into seeking out work-from-home opportunities. But there is one in-demand field that is often overlooked; one that holds the interest of everyone, regardless of location (in the US and abroad).


I speak from experience when I tell you that fitness is a fad that will NEVER go away. I have a closet full of neon workout outfits that prove it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and promise of results! The best part: You can get PAID to exercise! Yes! I said... PAID! Now, do I have you attention?

Becoming a fitness instructor can be very rewarding. Here are a few benefits:

REWARD #1: Your fitness career is PORTABLE. That the magic word! Whether you are interested in cycling, lifting, swimming, or even dancing, this career allows you to bring your knowledge and certification to any location, anywhere.

For many adults, career goals and aspirations have a tendency to span across a wide variety of industries. How many times have you heard "I don't use my degree for what I'm doing now?" If you're like us: countless. That's not saying a degree isn't worth the time, sacrifice and hard work. It’s simply saying that limiting yourself to only the scope of that degree program may be holding you back more than you thought.

Have you ever thought to yourself "I'd like to try a new skill" or "I'd like to pursue this industry" but then listed the reasons why you couldn't? Did time, energy, and expenses make it onto that list? For many, going back to school full-time isn't an option. Swapping a briefcase for a backpack or trading story time for study time is nearly impossible for a lot of adults.

There is one area of higher education that is often left unexplored however - continuing education.

Starting an Interior Decorating and Design Business

By Guest Blogger | November 17th 2015

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a new career path is your personal strengths and interests. Being successful is so much easier and rewarding when you are actively pursuing a career doing what you love! Almost every skill set, hobby or interest can translate into a meaningful career and Interior Decorating and Design is no exception.

If you love rearranging furniture, decorating and playing with colors and fabrics then a career in decorating and design might be for you! Want to know the best part? Interior Decorating and Design is the perfect portable career, allowing you to become your own boss in an exciting and growing industry. Becoming an Interior Decorator and Designer Entrepreneur will allow you to create your own, flexible schedule, meet new and interesting people, put your creative talents to use and take your business with you if you should need to relocate. So, how do you get started on this path?

The Kids are in School - Now What?

By Anonymous | November 2nd 2015

The school year has begun and you may find yourself home all alone for the first time in years! The first week or two were probably great and a well-deserved break from a busy summer. However, in time, you may find yourself wondering “now what”? Here are some ideas to keep you busy while your little ones are off learning. 

Hit the Gym

Quality in Service and Hospitality

By Guest Blogger | October 13th 2015

Have you ever considered a career in Hospitality Management?

What exactly are your responsibilities when you are hospitality manager of a hotel? Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, and strangers (thank you, Webster). Hotels are a service industry. Webster Dictionary defines serves as “the action of helping or doing work for someone”. Service and hospitality go hand in hand. You definitely want to offer the best quality when someone is paying to stay somewhere other than their own home. When you study how to manage quality service in hospitality you learn how to treat all visitors as esteemed guests. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way? You learn how to give them the “WOW” factor. You even learn strategies on how to increase your quality of hospitality.

Send Silence Packing - Active Minds

By Kris Powers | September 22nd 2015

I recently read a blog on The New York Times written by Julie Scelfo entitled, Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection and the stories and statistics are shocking.

Six University of Pennsylvania students committed suicide in a 13-month stretch in 2014, Tulane lost four students in 2015 and Appalachian State at least three. Cornell faced six suicides in the 2009-10 academic year and five New York University students leapt to their deaths in 2003-2004.

Going Back to School as an Adult Learner

By Kris Powers | July 28th 2015

The start of school was always a favorite time of mine. Fresh school year, new school supplies, new classmates and professors, the feeling of “anything is possible”. Along with the excitement of starting something new, there was apprehension about the course load and work involved – would I be up to the challenge?

For those who may have been out of the learning arena for awhile, these apprehensions may be magnified. However, there are steps that you can take to set yourself up for success:

The Gift of Doing Good

By Kris Powers | July 7th 2015

It's important to think good, speak good, and do good. If we want to see positive change in the world, then we need to connect to goodness. Shari Arison

From donating your time, money or gently used household items to various charities and organizations, to giving blood and plasma through the American Red Cross, there are many great ways to give. “Doing good” benefits your long-term health and happiness while helping others – a win-win situation if we’ve ever heard of one!

Six Tips for Successful Time Management

By Kris Powers | April 21st 2015

Time management can be a problem for many students, and particularly so for online students. Let’s face it, it can be hard to stay motivated and get your work done when you aren’t surrounded by other students doing the same. Many online students are taking their courses online because of family and work commitments; juggling all those responsibilities can become overwhelming without a plan.

For starters, you need to talk with your family and your employer and let them know how your online courses might affect your responsibilities at home or in the office (you’ll need help with chores, you won’t be able to stay late at work).  You’ll also need to be sure to set aside specific hours for your schoolwork each and every day.  Avoid distractions such as television, social media, as well as your phone and make sure that when you sit down to study that is the only thing you are doing.

3 Career Myths

By Kris Powers | April 15th 2015

Below are 3 career myths adapted from the Academic and Career Information Center at Kansas State University.

MYTH #1 There is one perfect career for me.

FACT: There may be several careers that appeal to you and that match your abilities, interests, and core values.

MYTH #2 Choosing a career means deciding what I will do with the rest of my life.

FACT: Most individuals can anticipate one or more career changes during their working lives.

MYTH #3 I should choose a career based solely on what's currently "hot" in the job market.

FACT: It is better to choose a major/career because you have a genuine interest and talent for it.