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6 Steps to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

By Kris Powers | July 18th 2018

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87.7 percent of America’s workforce is not able to contribute to their full potential because they don’t have passion for their work. Don't be a statistic!

Improve your Skills

It’s never a bad idea to add onto your resume’s skill section. Whether you are currently looking for a new job opportunity or exploring professional development, online courses make it affordable and convenient to upskill on your own time.

Is it Time to Refresh or Reset your Career?

By Kris Powers | April 18th 2018

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Whatever leads you to the brink of change, taking the steps to refresh or reset your life can be daunting.

Career Planning

By Kris Powers | May 23rd 2017

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Career planning is helpful for anyone at any age or stage – whether you are still in school or not, seeking to improve your skills to advance in your current field or interested in changing your job or career entirely.

Soft Skills Can Get You the Job

By Kris Powers | March 7th 2017

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Many companies are seeking employees that have a good mix of “hard” technical skills and “soft” interpersonal skills. Are you wondering how to best set yourself apart from the competition? Improve your soft skills!

5 Ways to Pay for College Without Going Into Debt

By Guest Blogger | June 16th 2016

With all the media attention revolving around student loan issues, it can make many of us feel as if taking out student loans to pay for college is the only option. Students are taking out loans larger than ever before, and the combined national student debt grew to a whopping $1.3 trillion earlier this year. However, there is good news for fiscal-minded students who want to graduate from a college without the pressure of college loans.

The biggest secret to graduating without student loans is an earnest time commitment and a little detective work. It is a great idea for inspiring students to research through student debt advisors to acquire maximum knowledge and also read through the various student loan forgiveness programs. For intelligent aspiring students who wish to graduate without student loan debt, here are five ways to make it happen:

Which Career is for You?

By Kris Powers | April 19th 2016

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My college freshman was home this weekend, panicked that he had not yet decided on his exact major. The question of "what do I want to do the rest of my life?" is weighing heavy on his mind. The truth is that many students change majors or areas of study during their schooling; sometimes multiple times! And some of us don't know exactly what we want to do until we have entered the workforce and experienced what we DON'T want to do. Others of us make career changes mid-stride, as we discover new passions or avenues we want to pursue.

Hands-On Experience: The Value of Internships

By Guest Blogger | April 5th 2016

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To stand out in the job market, a comprehensive education, coupled with hands-on experience and training can play an essential role in getting the ideal job upon completion of your program.

Portable Careers: Pack up and Go!

By Kris Powers | March 8th 2016

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Portable careers are perfect for those who either have to move frequently (i.e. Military spouses) or for those who want to move around the world without worrying about their career.

Turning your Hobby into a Lucrative Career!

By Anonymous | December 28th 2015

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s called work and not fun for a reason”? Doesn’t make you very excited for your future in the workforce, does it?

Well have no fear; Ed4Career has created training programs to help you turn your hobby into a profitable career!  We offer training in a wide variety of fields - here are just a few careers you may not have considered: