National Career Development Month

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According to The Balance Careers, career development is an ongoing process that forms an individual’s work identity. It begins when, as a child, you notice that grownups have many different jobs; policemen, doctors, retail workers, teachers, etc. The process continues as you grow and discover other types of occupations through observation, exploration or education.

The career development process continues even after selecting a profession for yourself. You must obtain the education and training necessary, apply for and get hired for a job in your field, and continue learning formally and informally in order to advance in your career. Along the way, most people experience both job and career changes. So, you can see why the learning never ends!

Angelo J. Rivera described career development as the evolution or development of a career, informed by the following:

  1. Experience within a specific field of interest
  2. Success at each stage of development
  3. Educational attainment commensurate with each increment stage
  4. Communications (the capacity to analytically reflect one’s suitability for a job through the cover letter, resume, and/or the interview process)
  5. Understanding of career development as a navigable process.

Life-long career development can lead to personal growth and empowerment, goal attainment and an increase in personal success and happiness.

The National Career Development Association promotes career development through its annual celebration of National Career Development Month. Every November, career development professionals are encouraged to celebrate with career related activities. During National Career Development Month, NCDA sponsors an annual Poetry and Art Contest. "Using Careers to Break Barriers, Empower Lives & Achieve Equity" is the theme for this year's contest. 

November 2018 is National Career Development Month

November 12-16, 2018 is National Career Development Week

November 14, 2018 is National Career Development Day

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By Kris Powers | November 14th 2018

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