What to Wear to An Interview

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You landed an interview with a company you really want to work for. Congratulations! Now the question is how do you look presentable and make a great impression? When you’re interviewing in-person, make sure your attire is professional and that you are looking fresh and clean in your outfit. The hiring personnel are going to immediately look you up and down before they have a chance to question you, so walk in confident and feeling good in your outfit.

For men: the competition is fierce when applying for a dream job. Try and wear an outfit that has some color but doesn’t distract from you. Keep colors neutral with jacket and slacks and, if you want to add a pop of color, include it in your shirt or tie. Your outfit may be a button-down collared shirt, tie, nice suit jacket and a nice pair of dress shoes. Or pair your slacks with a nice solid color sweater with fun colored button down underneath. Trim your beard get a nice haircut, and put your hair back in a pony tail or bun if you have longer hair.

 For women: be conservative. You want to have the ability to be taken seriously and earn this job over others (especially men). Wear a dress jacket as a power symbol and keep your top above cleavage. While hiring managers are supposed to overlook appearance and not hire based on that, they still see how you portray yourself. Let people hear what you have to say and not be distracted by what you are wearing. Try and wear something that makes you stand out, maybe a bold solid color dress that goes past your knees. Hair is important. Messy buns are not okay. A nice tight ballerina bun is acceptable, otherwise a nice pony tail or brushed down style is wonderful.

Side note: In my daughter in-law’s first interview at sixteen, she wore a pair of sandals. The manager hired her, but he said something that she’s never forgotten, “You will go on a lot of interviews until you find your career, try to remember to wear closed toe shoes.” This might not  apply as much 15 years later, but in my opinion closed toe shoes do seem very professional.


  • Do not wear jeans to an interview.
  • Do not have your button down unbuttoned too far down.
  • Do not forget your hair.
  • Don’t wear sandals. (Heels with open toe is great.)
  • Don’t wear sneakers.
  • Don’t wear shorts.
  • Don’t wear yoga pants or work out attire.

Virtual interviews are very similar to in-person. While the same dress code applies, consider wearing a brightly colored shirt. Bright colors stand out and will make you and your interview stand out in the hiring manager’s mind. The plus of a virtual interview is not having to worry about your shoes as much!

Best of luck to you!  


By Kris Powers | June 30th 2022

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