Now is the Perfect Time to Upskill or Reskill

Job applicant soaring above the others because of skill set

Events of the past year forced many of us to stick closer to home. Some may have used this time to improve themselves or their surroundings – learning a new skill or tackling household to-do lists.

However, not everyone took this past year to embark on home or self-improvement projects. For many, our focus was more on survival - planning for and simply getting through each day. The past year was more about asking, “how do we keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy”? There was little energy or mind space left for outside interests or pursuits. Quite honestly, many of us are still trying to figure things out; with schools and offices slowly reopening, we are once again thrust into change. And that may very well take up all our energy. And that’s okay.

“That said, some of us may have extra space where they feel they can do something educational or vocational,” Conor Mc Guckin, a professor of educational psychology at Trinity College Dublin recently said. “The wonderful thing about being human is that we keep growing and developing. Get through the basics first and if you have spare capacity maybe you could read, do a task, make a picture, listen to an audiobook or podcast.”

Training Journal surveyed 282 employers and 400-full-time employees in the US to learn more about what people were doing in this Covid-19 era. According to their findings, 42% of employees had independently pursued training opportunities since the beginning of the pandemic. When asked why they sought out upskilling opportunities, 66% of employees said the main reason was “the joy of learning new things and developing new skills”.

As vaccines begin to make their way around the world, businesses are bracing for what the future of work may look like. And honestly? A lot of what happens next in the job market is out of our control. But by anticipating what may come, businesses can begin to strategically plan and prepare. The same is true for individuals. Now is a good time to think about upskilling or reskilling, if you have the bandwidth.

What is the difference between upskilling and reskilling you may ask? Upskilling is obtaining training that will enable you to become better at the type of work you already perform. Reskilling involves developing skills necessary for you to move to a new role altogether. Either one of these, or both, are excellent options to put help you prepare for the future workforce.

Where do you start? Research your current position or your dream career online to see what specific qualifications are required to be most successful in that job. Then take an honest look at your current skill set, and where your skills and knowledge may need a “boost”. Online learning makes it easy for you to fit training in around your other commitments. In many cases, you are able to complete your coursework on your own schedule and progress through the program at your own pace.  

Ed4Career offers courses and career training programs perfect for those just entering the job market, looking to change careers, exploring new interests, or seeking a promotion by upskilling. Courses are instructor-led or mentor-led and enrollment is open – sign up and start any time. Many courses lead to national certification, a great line item to list on your resume. Courses are designed by skilled curriculum designers and provide learners with a variety of methods in which to learn the subject matter – including videos and ancillary resources.

This past year has not been easy on anyone. Many of us are still self-isolating until such a time as vaccines are widely available and the cities in which we reside begin opening up. If you feel like you are awakening from a deep slumber, you are not alone. Why not add energy and perhaps find new purpose in your day-to-day by drawing up a career plan and taking the steps necessary to achieve it?

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By Kris Powers | April 20th 2021

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