8 Benefits of Online Competency Based Training

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Competency Based Training (CBT) is designed to allow a student to progress through a course at their own pace.  Through regular assessments, the student shows that they have mastered the skills and knowledge necessary to move on to the next module, or to complete the course.  CBT courses are learner-focused and not dependent on time, place or individual pace of learning.  In contrast, traditional on-site college courses are dependent on time, requiring a student to complete the course over the semester term, even though they may have been able to complete and pass the course in a much shorter time.

The type of individualized learning that CBT offers meets the needs of large groups of students enrolled in the same course who may have different learning styles and levels of engagement.  In essence, learning is customized for each individual student; offering flexibility and the ability for students to master skills at their own pace. This learning method allows a student to study and practice challenging skills as much as they like before they take the assessment. The modules designed to cover skills at which the student is already adept can be moved through more rapidly.

Adult students tend to be drawn to this type of learning because they can easily map out the steps necessary from beginning to end.  In today’s busy world, many people are finding it difficult to go back to school to take courses for career advancement, career changes, or simply to learn something new.  Taking courses online has proven to be an excellent option, making it easier than ever for students to obtain the education they desire.  Online courses offer both convenience and flexibility, making eLearning a great way to meld any individual’s busy lifestyle with their educational goals.  Learning is not bound by either time or physical location – individuals are allowed to make the choice as to when and where they study and participate.  In essence, online learning offers education at everyone’s fingertips anywhere, anytime! 

Online Competency Based Training:

1.      Is learner focused.  Each and every student has their own way of learning.  An online course provides the student the opportunity to make sure that each lesson is completely understood before they move onto the next – resulting in more learning success.

2.      Focuses on skills, knowledge and/or behaviors.

3.      Is tied to strategic objectives.

4.      Offers a flexible learning environment. A student can take their course from any location, all they need is a computer and reliable internet.

5.      Allows students to set the pace – students can easily plan their coursework around other work/life commitments and set the pace for completion of their program.

6.      Courses are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

7.      Offers open scheduling – students can enroll and begin their courses whenever they would like.

8.      Provides a wide variety of options – students are not limited to courses available at their local college. Online learning gives students the opportunity to choose from a variety of schools and programs and courses, allowing them to choose the courses they think would best help them achieve their educational goals and meet their professional needs.

Ed4Career’s courses incorporate a variety of learning methods and varied multi-media designed to engage students with a variety of learning styles. Our courses also give students access to external information so that they can get connected to websites, videos, blogs, and communities that are in their field of interest.

Whether your interests are career training, information technology training, continuing education, workforce compliance, professional development or behavioral health training; Ed4Career has the course for you or your organization!  Check out our complete course catalog here https://Ed4Career.com/.









By Kris Powers | February 11th 2014

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