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Can Online Learning be as Effective as Classroom Learning?

By Tricia Seymour | February 25th 2014

Dr. Tricia Seymour

In 2103, Ed4Career launched the first in our series of ‘In Your Opinion’ polls. The first question we posed to the public was, “Can online learning be as effective as classroom learning?”  The results, while revealing, mirrored the heated debate that is still taking place in academic circles – with 68%  of respondents indicating “Yes, it can be” and 32% having serious reservations and even outright hostility to the concept of online learning.  With many more college students taking online courses, we must continue to have these discussions.

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Going back to school as an adult is hard enough on your own but what happens when you throw in a toddler, full time job and deployed husband? It could be the perfect recipe for a disaster if you don’t have a good plan. Most importantly when you put too much pressure on yourself you will start to notice a pattern of “Keep Calm and Carry On” motivational quote clichés. This won’t work in your favor, trust me. We are all unique individuals with different situations in which why we decided to go back to school. You need to be able to find the motivators that speak directly to you. If not, it’s more like a leaf in the wind and not something that will keep you motivated and focused.

National Mentoring Month

By Kris Powers | January 28th 2014

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January 2014 marks the 13th anniversary of National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring month was organized to highlight mentoring and the positive impact it can have on both mentors and the people they assist.  Organizations including Harvard Mentoring Project, MENTOR, and the Corporation for National and Community Service have banded together to raise awareness of the benefits of mentoring as well as the positive impact mentoring offers.  Through this effort, they hope to increase the number of mentors and assure brighter futures for the nation’s youth.

President Barack Obama recently stated, “In every corner of our Nation, mentors push our next generation to shape their ambitions, set a positive course, and achieve their boundless potential. During National Mentoring Month, we celebrate everyone who teaches, inspires, and guides young Americans as they reach for their dreams.”

Pick Three Wins for the Day

By Kris Powers | January 21st 2014

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Pick Three Wins for the Day

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an informative and inspirational blog post; "5 Morning Rituals to Keep You Productive All Day Long” by James Reinhart.

As I’m always on the lookout for tricks and tools to help me become more efficient, I was interested to see what he had to say.  Among his toolbox of suggestions was one that excited me and motivated me to action; “Pick Three Wins for the Day”.

Social Media Inside the Classroom

By Kris Powers | October 8th 2013

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Whether designing a campus-based course or an online course, utilizing social media in the classroom can reap many benefits for both teachers and students alike.  Instructors benefit from feeling more “connected” to others across the country by developing a professional learning network outside of their classroom or office walls.  Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are accessible 24/7, allowing participants to log on to seek answers, support and inspiration at any time throughout the day or night.  These tools allow everyone to expand their professional development easily and effectively.

For students, the use of social media can also have many benefits.  Incorporating some type of social media in your course can:

· Present students with the opportunity for frequent, open communication and the ability to exchange ideas not only locally but globally by connecting with others around the world.

Exciting New Video: "Introducing Ed4Career"

By Kris Powers | August 5th 2013

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In our recent poll, we took the opportunity to ask,In your opinion, what is the BEST way to measure the success of higher education?and the response was fantastic!  Those who took the poll were given the opportunity to select as many of the choices as they felt applied, and it’s evident that job placement, student satisfaction and graduation rates are all important indicator of success.  Many respondents left very insightful and eloquent comments expressing their viewpoints on the measure of success as well.  Please take a moment to view the complete r

Why We Should Keep Learning

By Kris Powers | June 11th 2013

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Each day learn something new, and just as important, relearn something old.  ~Robert Brault

For me personally, there is nothing quite like the thrill of learning something new.  Whether it’s reading an article, taking a course, or attending a webinar; as soon as I finish, I am always thinking of whom I might share my new knowledge with, or how I might apply the information I’ve learned to my daily life.  I also find that when I stretch myself to learn a new technique, I have an amazing sense of accomplishment once I’ve mastered the new task.   However, I also understand that things are constantly changing and that one is never completely finished.  You may master something today, and very well need to brush up your skills tomorrow.

Time Management Tips for the Online Student

By Kris Powers | April 16th 2013

Time Management

I’ve always thought of myself as fairly competent in the time management department. 

However, ever since entering the social media forum, I’ve realized more and more how easily too many tasks can distract me. For example, while writing this post I’ve a) checked the company's Facebook account b) Re-tweeted two relevant articles c) straightened my desk…well, you get the picture. There are distractions everywhere!

We’ve already discussed how online courses can give students the flexibility to take their class anytime, anywhere. While it’s great that an online course can be worked around a full time job, kids and their activities, and so forth - without a set schedule or face time with instructors, the trick is staying on top of those courses.  An online student is left to set their own schedule.

What Is Your Learning Style?

By Kris Powers | April 10th 2013

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As students, we all have our own type of learning style.  Our learning style defines how we take in, understand and process information as well as impacts our ability to problem-solve.  Most of us have more than one learning style, but there is often one dominant method that we relate to more than the others – a personal combination that is uniquely ours.  It’s important to note that no one learning style is superior to the others.  In fact, we should always work at developing our less dominant styles to help us adapt to all types of instruction.  Understanding your own personal learning style will help you determine the most optimal way for you to study and take in new information.

There are three primary learning styles: