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Exciting New Video: "Introducing Ed4Career"

By Kris Powers | August 5th 2013

Ed4Career provides "Turn-Key", quality online adult educational content for universities, colleges, career training schools, behavioral health agencies, and corporations. Our courses are utilized by MyCAA, VA, and WIA.  We currently offer hundreds of online courses in career training and professional development. Learn all the things we are doing at Ed4Career to provide a superior online educational experience for the adult learner!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncaenXqtKBA

The Problem with Multitasking

By Kris Powers | July 30th 2013

Women writing

Multitasking?  No problem.  Or so I thought.  Juggling two jobs, two children, two offices and a husband gives me ample opportunity to stretch my multitasking muscles.  I used to brag about how much I could handle at one time. And I always thought that I was saving time by doing multiple tasks at once. However, I’ve learned that multi-tasking actually makes me less efficient in the long run, affects my short term memory and honestly creates quite a bit of stress in my life.

Go Green - In your Home, Workplace or Career Choice

By Kris Powers | July 23rd 2013

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The impact we have on the environment and the awareness of the benefits of going green continue to grow - even small changes make a difference!   Implementing “green” into your home and workplace may be easier than you think. And implementing “green” into your career may be even easier! Ed4Career offers a wide variety of courses in the green industry; from becoming an Alternative Energy Specialist to exploring Green Interior Decorating, your next career step might just leave behind a green footprint!

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate green practices into your daily life:


In our recent poll, we took the opportunity to ask,In your opinion, what is the BEST way to measure the success of higher education?and the response was fantastic!  Those who took the poll were given the opportunity to select as many of the choices as they felt applied, and it’s evident that job placement, student satisfaction and graduation rates are all important indicator of success.  Many respondents left very insightful and eloquent comments expressing their viewpoints on the measure of success as well.  Please take a moment to view the complete r

The Art of Forgiving our Mistakes

By Kris Powers | July 16th 2013

I remember when my oldest son was in elementary school and I was selected to chaperone a fieldtrip to see the play, “Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day”. To be honest, I remember nothing of the play (I was probably busy separating  pack of 7 year old boys and begging them to be quiet), but the title has stuck with me over the years and I frequently refer to it when I, myself, have a bad day.

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From time to time, Ed4Career polls our connections to get their viewpoint on a variety of topics. Please click on the link below to answer our one question survey. 

When selecting an online course, what do you consider?


As always, we thank you for sharing your professional opinion with us!


What is Emotional Intelligence?

By Kris Powers | July 9th 2013

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the skills of self awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management as they pertain to emotions. Understanding what emotional intelligence is and learning how to use it is a critical step in becoming successful and in reaching your personal goals.  “Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them,” reports Howard Gardner, a Harvard theorist.  Learn to identify and manage your feelings so that you can conduct yourself appropriately in social situations. 

1.    Self awareness is the ability to recognize emotions as you are experiencing them in addition to recognizing the effect those emotions are having on yourself and others around you.  Practicing the art of self awareness allows you to tune into your true feelings.

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We had fantastic participation in our recent poll “If you were to take an online course, what type of textbook would you prefer?” with almost 100 people taking the time to cast their vote.  The results showed that 60% of respondents would prefer a physical textbook, while 40% would prefer an eTextbook (i.e. eBook or Kindle).

Those who preferred physical textbooks appreciated the “hands on” ability and freedom to skip around the information being studied, to easily review information, mark chapters, make notes and underline important passages. 

Ed4Career Attends Articulate's E-Learning Heroes Workshop

By Allison Kibler M.Ed. | June 25th 2013

Tricia Seymour, Tom Kuhlmann, Allison Kibler

June-2013, Davie, FL – I had the pleasure of joining Dr. Tricia Seymour on an eLearning adventure to South Florida recently. We made the four hour drive to attend Articulate’s “How to Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro” two-day workshop presented by Tom Kuhlmann. I’ve watched Tom’s How-To screencasts for years and have learned so much from him. He is a big inspiration to me and I feel he really raises the bar for instructional design.

In addition to sharing some tips and tricks in PowerPoint and Storyline, Tom emphasized the importance of intentional instructional design. Basically, everything that is displayed on a slide should be there for a reason and if it is not accomplishing something, take it off because it is a distraction. He taught that the three basic elements of eLearning are:

1) the content

Bring More Happiness into Your Daily Life

By Kris Powers | June 18th 2013


We all know that stress can affect our bodies and our health, and research suggests that stress can negatively impact chemical reactions in the brain’s learning and memory region.

The challenge then is to introduce new ways to reduce levels of stress in our lives while increasing levels of happiness. Sounds easy, right?

Try these simple tips to bring more happiness into your daily life:

  • Laugh. Whether it’s watching a funny video, reading a funny story or even telling a joke; find time to add a bit of humor to your day.

  • Set small, attainable goals for yourself. The sense of accomplishment will feel great and will provide motivation.