7 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

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A true entrepreneur identifies a need or problem area and sets out to solve it. At one time or another we all may have had ideas of how we might make something better; a product or a process.  What is it that sets entrepreneurs apart?  Entrepreneurs are willing to take the leap to put their ideas into action. The entrepreneurial spirit encompasses many things, including; passion, positivity, ambition, adaptability, organization, leadership and the desire for continuous investment in oneself.
Embracing the role of the entrepreneur requires commitment and dedication.  If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, you may not be able to weather the highs and lows that come along with launching a new product or service.  If you find something you love enough to want to share it with others, that love will fuel your efforts and give you purpose. The bottom line? If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, chances are that you won’t succeed.
Having a positive approach and a belief that you will be successful are key. The most successful entrepreneurs are forward-looking. That, coupled with the belief that they will be successful in their endeavors is a powerful combination. Visualize your goals, the steps necessary to reach them and your ultimate success.
The definition of ambition is, “a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.” Quite honestly, you have to have tremendous drive and ambition in order to launch a new business. There will be long hours and plenty of emotional (and possibly financial) highs and lows.  If you are ambitious enough to ride out the storm, you have a true chance at success.  
The ability to adapt is one of the greatest strengths an entrepreneur can have. You may start out with a road map, but understanding that you might need to deviate from your course is necessary.  Along the entrepreneurial journey, you must be willing to learn and grow. Listen to your consumers, ask for advice, explore new avenues, and refine your plan as necessary. 
Entrepreneurs must have the ability to manage time effectively.  There are many tasks to be done and it is important to develop systems and routines for just about every business activity.  Find a calendar system that works for you and your team, a filing system that is easy to maintain, etc. Organization can help you prioritize your time and effort.  The ability to distinguish between urgent tasks and less important tasks will help prevent burnout.  
Good leaders know how to engage their employees and challenge them to do their best. It’s important to build a top notch business team. No one person can build a successful business alone. Pull together a business team that is as committed to your business as you are. The next important step? Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to a team member. It can be hard to let go of this control, but if you’ve assembled a team of quality employees, you have to step back and have faith that they will get the job done. Determine what jobs you want to remain hands-on with, and put the right people in place to handle the tasks you want to delegate to others.
Always seek to learn. There are plenty of magazines, journals, websites, books and online courses that can provide the latest information on business, consumer service or marketing.  Clubs and business organizations allow you network with other professionals in your industry. Remember that education is an ongoing process. Top entrepreneurs never stop investing in themselves! 
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By Kris Powers | September 23rd 2014

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