Organize Your Workspace for Optimal Focus

Optimal focus comes with no distractions, right? While we might imagine that it is the key for focus, we don’t live in a perfect world. We have co-workers, family, kids and animals that are usually around us while we try to get things done. For example, my cat is currently walking across my keyboard. Our phones are constantly lighting up, someone is talking too loudly, or the television is playing in the background.

While we can’t control outside factors, we can control the workspace around us and what it looks like! A disorganized workspace can cause negative energy and stress. Knowing where your things are (notes, calendars, your green highlighter, the hole punch, etc.) can save time, help you get more work done and relieve anxiety. Let’s get into some organization tips/ideas for our workspace that can help us attain as much optimal focus as we can.

· Start with a nice cleaning. Wipe your workspace down and the monitor of your computer. Clean your space of all the little dust bunnies that have made a home there.

· Go through all your materials. Dispose of trash and shred papers you don’t need. Dispose of chain mail, physical and electronic, that you won’t use.

· Have a set place for supplies so you know where they are when you need them. This will keep your space looking pristine. Desk-top filing trays are great for stuff you’re going to get to right away, and smaller jars or trays that hold your pens, pencils, and highlighters are great for a quick grab and put back while you’re working.

· Set up bulletin boards to pin up important memos or to-do lists. Add a few pictures up there to make you smile. Try to keep personal affects off your space as they take up room.

· Color code your different classes - this works great in binders and filing systems. Use colors tabs physical calendars for reminders of things due that day. Lifehack suggests labeling boxes, file folders, drawers or baskets.

· After organizing your physical desktop, organize your computer desktop!

These steps provide a quick way to keep your workspace organized for concentration. During the last five minutes of your day try and put everything back in its place so you can start the next day off in a clean environment. Keeping your workspace organized can help you stay mentally organized, as well. The less distractions, the better your focus. After all, optimal focus is ideal for learning and working!


By Kris Powers | December 18th 2021

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