Life Hacks While Studying Remotely

The ability to take courses online and study from home now-a-days is a huge benefit when you’re trying to better your future. This is a time in your life when you’re growing as an individual – both for yourself and for your family! While taking personal enrichment courses, career training or working on a degree, your time is precious.

Let’s delve into some life hacks that will help you while you’re juggling both schoolwork and your personal life.

  • Clean- the environment you’re studying in is critical in your success for retaining information. A clean space = clean space for your brain to focus in. Even if it’s just the desk, kitchen table or wherever you prefer to study. Personally, I get distracted when I know there are things to be done at home when I have homework to do. Take time to get one chore done, such as loading dishes or laundry into the machines. Complete a study session or assignment while those dishes are being washed, or during the laundry wash and spin! Once dishes or laundry are finished, put them away. Then try to complete another study session or assignment. When you can keep up with the cleaning at home, it takes pressure off you and you don’t feel like home life is piling up!
  • Wake up with a plan- before I lay down at night, I like to think of what needs to be done the following day and make a list. This is great for my mental organization. Prepare yourself by waking up and starting the day with the cup of tea or coffee that you love, maybe reading a chapter during this time, reviewing your list, or just watching the news. This sets the course for the day. Then it’s time to begin your day! That might mean going to work, or if you’re home for the day, fitting in at least one hour of school before you go grocery shopping or head out to run some errands. After you come home from work or your errands, maybe you can fit in some more time for reading or completing an assignment.
  • Exercise- This isn’t for everyone, but even 15-30 min of exercise gets your blood pumping and your gets your brain into gear. A lot of the time you are extremely motivated to get schoolwork done after a workout because there is energy to do it. Your brain is working better, and you feel better (physically and mentally).
  • Family and friend time- working on your relationship with your spouse, family and friends is critical. We know that juggling work, school and household can be difficult, but letting personal relationships fall on the back burner can be detrimental. While studying at home, keep in mind that you need social interaction – both with family and friends! Try to set a designated time, if possible, when everyone is home together to spend quality time or plan a time to meet up with your extended family or friends. Make a family meal one or two nights a week. Have a date night. Go to the park with the kids for an hour. Go to the movies, shopping or somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. You get the idea.

The point of these suggestions is that life doesn’t have to fall behind while you’re in school. You can fit school into your life and keep your head on straight! Your health, relationships and household duties can still be accomplished. Applying some of these suggestions even a few days a week can help you keep up. Check out Study Hacks While Learning RemotelySecret Study Hacks and How to be a Successful Online Learner for some additional tips that will help with school tremendously!


By Kris Powers | January 6th 2022

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