Remote Learning Necessities

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Remote schooling has been introduced into almost every household within the past couple of years. For some, it is a beneficial way to study and learn, and for others it is a struggle. What we have learned is that you can set yourself up for successful remote learning with the right tools and study environment.

  1. First and foremost, you need a reliable computer with a fairly strong Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi at home, perhaps a local coffee shop or library offers room for people to work.
  2. Second, you need basic software (Microsoft Word, Excel, Office, Adobe, WinZip). Many colleges and programs offer free Microsoft programs while in school and will send free links to download them during your schooling.
  3. E-books are a more ecofriendly and cost affordable way to buy/rent schoolbooks. If books aren’t supplied as part of your program, make sure to search options.
  4. Set up a study place with a comfortable chair. If you are taking courses remotely, you’re most likely going to be sitting quite frequently for lectures, studying, assignments, research and more. Invest in or make a comfortable seat for your back and derriere, and you will thank yourself later! Or, better yet, invest in a desk that allows you to move from standing to sitting.
  5. Have all the traditional school supplies. Go out and do your back-to-school shopping. Pick out your favorite pens & pencils, a physical calculator, notebooks or spirals, highlighters, etc. It gets you mentally ready for your remote learning to begin. Many people best by reading and/or writing. Taking notes during lectures and while reading class material can help you remember the information later. If you are in a noisy environment, invest in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. You'll be able to hear lectures more clearly and tune out distractions.

In addition to the above tips; it’s important to bring a "can-do", positive attitude with you to your virtual class every day. If you feel your motivation waning, reach out to your instructor or other classmates and ask for help staying on task. Remote learning has many advantages and can include flexible schedules, work at your own pace programs, etc. It also can allow you to complete your coursework whereever you are, as long as you have reliable internet.

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By Kris Powers | April 20th 2022

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