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How to Remain Teachable

By Kris Powers | May 16th 2018

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Remaining teachable should be at the top of your personal and professional development goals. What does it mean to remain “teachable”? Learn more here!

Skill advancement

Skill areas that experts recommend you brush up on for you to remain marketable through 2026.

The Benefits of Attending Professional Conferences

By Kris Powers | November 1st 2016

Ed4Online at recent trade show

Every year, as we make our selections of which trade shows and conferences to attend, we consider what will be most beneficial for our partners, our schools and our students.

Millennials & Professional Development Needs

By Kris Powers | October 25th 2016

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As Millennials grow to make up more of the work force and consumer base, businesses will need to adapt to meet the needs of and cater to this generation not only as consumers, but also as employees.

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Every company needs skilled and talented employees who can contribute to the company’s growth.

Ed4Career believes in the power of education. We believe that we are forever changed by everything we learn. It is our goal to facilitate this evolution by providing a high-quality learning platform and straightforward curriculum in the areas of career development, personal enrichment and professional development. 

Because we believe so strongly in the power of learning; we’d like to offer everyone an opportunity to win a free Professional Development course from Ed4Career with our new social media campaign #PictureMeLearning!

Below are three easy steps to follow for a chance to win a FREE Professional Development course:

5 Reasons Why Professionals Prefer Online Learning

By Kris Powers | August 23rd 2016

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Many professionals find that online learning is a perfect fit for them and their development needs.

Self Marketing & Promotion

By Kris Powers | May 17th 2016

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From holding the door for a stranger to how we treat the customer service representative on the other end of the phone – we are giving others a glimpse of who we are.

Motivation, Self-Control and Productivity

By Kris Powers | March 15th 2016

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Psychology Today describes motivation as “the difference between waking up before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing around the house all day.”

Say YES to Learning

By Kris Powers | February 16th 2016

I frequently come across articles or learning opportunities that look interesting but that I skip past or save for later (which I rarely get to). I often ask myself, “do I have the time to read this article?” or “do I have time to listen to this podcast?” I’m discovering that the answer has to be “yes”.