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5 Decisions to Make More Often

By Kris Powers | August 23rd 2018

Young lady turning questions into decisions

Most of the decisions we make each day don’t require much thought. In fact, many decisions are made either unconsciously or very quickly out of habit. But are the quick decisions made from habit what’s best for us? Have we become so complacent in some areas of our lives that we don’t even realize we have a choice anymore?

Don't be Busy - be Productive!

By Kris Powers | May 2nd 2018

Don't be busy, be productive!

In our quest to get things done, we sometimes confuse busyness with productivity. What is the difference? It’s easier to be busy and more difficult to be productive; as productivity requires focus, strategic thinking and big-picture planning.

The Beauty in Brainstorming

By Kris Powers | April 25th 2018

Diagram of the Brainstorming Process

Are you looking for a solution to a specific problem? Do you need to kick your creative side into gear? Brainstorming is an effective tool for situations where creative thinking and problem solving are required. Brainstorming can be done by an individual, or in a group, and both options have their benefits. The point of brainstorming, whether in a group or alone, is to get as many ideas out of your head in as little time possible. In the initial stages of brainstorming, you are technically “brain dumping”. You needn’t worry about linking like thoughts or having concern about redundancy of ideas or whether they are legitimate solutions. You will take the time to sort through the ideas and select which ones might be worth pursuing later.

In order to brainstorm as successfully as possible, it’s important to:

7 Steps to More Effective Problem Solving

By Kris Powers | January 10th 2018

Woman on staircase leading up to success

The following steps can help you better identify issues and come up with solutions for life’s obstacles!

The Benefits of Living a More Grateful Life

By Kris Powers | November 22nd 2017

A joyful woman with arms lifted to the sky

Did you know that expressing gratitude can improve the quality of your health and even add years to your life expectancy?

In Search of the Organized Mind

By Kris Powers | September 6th 2017

Brain with gears

In light of my current crazed mental state, I hit upon the idea of writing on the topic of the “organized mind” for this blog piece. Apparently, I’m not the only one seeking help in this age of digital overload.

The Power of Friendship

By Kris Powers | July 26th 2017

Group of friends laughing

Celebrate International Day of Friendship on July 30th!.

Counseling Awareness Month

By Kris Powers | April 11th 2017

Counseling Session

Getting your worries out in the open, particularly with someone trained to help you manage them, is a good thing for your well-being.

Project Semicolon

By Kris Powers | April 4th 2017


Project Semicolon does not offer a direct helpline, but instead brings those who are battling depression together through inspirational messages, blogs, and other resources.

Poverty Awareness Month

By Kris Powers | February 7th 2017

Stop Poverty photo

The nation’s economic crisis has deeply affected the lives of millions of Americans.