Why We Should Keep Learning

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Each day learn something new, and just as important, relearn something old.  ~Robert Brault

For me personally, there is nothing quite like the thrill of learning something new.  Whether it’s reading an article, taking a course, or attending a webinar; as soon as I finish, I am always thinking of whom I might share my new knowledge with, or how I might apply the information I’ve learned to my daily life.  I also find that when I stretch myself to learn a new technique, I have an amazing sense of accomplishment once I’ve mastered the new task.   However, I also understand that things are constantly changing and that one is never completely finished.  You may master something today, and very well need to brush up your skills tomorrow.

Some professions require continuing education courses.  Additionally, some employers may also require that their employees stay abreast of current information or technologies in their field by attending seminars or taking courses. But even if continuing education is not required by your current employer, there are many reasons why you should consider taking a few online continuing education courses on your own.

Today’s work environment is a competitive one.  Employers are looking for employees who are knowledgeable and skilled and who want to deliver value to their company on a regular basis.  There is also much to be gained personally by staying on top of your profession – the feeling of fulfillment when you’ve learning something new cannot be measured.

Invest time in your career and possibly increase your earning potential by continuing your education today!

Reasons to Continue Your Education

1.       Strengthen and Enhance Your Skills. Taking continuing education courses is the best way to ensure that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date.  By staying current in your profession, you show employers that you are always looking forward, and that you are interested in learning new skills - not only to better yourself, but to increase your value within the company.

2.       Stay up to date on Technology.  Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that keeping your skills up to date is essential.

3.       Establish yourself as an expert in your field. Continuing your education gives you the opportunity to earn a reputation as an expert in your field by increasing your knowledge about your chosen profession.

4.       The competition in today’s job market is tough. Those who move up in their positions are those that keep learning.  The skills and knowledge that you get from continuing your education will help you not only perform better in your current position, but may also open up new opportunities within or even outside of your organization.

5.       Become a Valuable Asset.  Showing commitment to your career by staying current on the trends and technologies affecting your profession will increase your value in your employer’s eyes.  Learning new skills will also allow you to become a versatile member of your company, perhaps allowing you to transition to other positions within your organization.

6.       Career change possibilities. Through the process of taking continuing education courses, you very well may uncover a new field of interest, or even discover a specialty niche in your current profession that you’d like to explore more.

7.       Learn more about Your Dream Job. If you are considering switching careers, the best way to expose yourself to new fields of study is by taking courses.  Learning more about a field of interest can help you better understand what the new career will entail and how to apply your current skill set in the new position.  

8.       Personal FulfillmentI’m back to “personal fulfillment”. The thrill of challenging yourself and accomplishing something can bring a wonderful sense of personal fulfillment.  Sometimes we need to do things for ourselves; because they make us feel better and make us feel empowered. Knowledge truly is power.  Make it your goal to learn something new each and every day!

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By Kris Powers | June 11th 2013

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