Ed4Career Promotes Green Initiatives with Free eBook and Sustainable Career Training

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To coincide with Earth Day on April 22, 2014, Ed4Career is showcasing our corporate social responsibility as an eco-friendly company by providing a free eBook to those seeking more information about green careers.

As we move to promote our own green operations and create awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability, we are offering a free eBook, detailing the growth of prospective green careers. This digital offering includes basic profiles of several career choices, detailed salary ranges and education and certification requirements needed to pursue employment in these fields.

To get your free eBook please click here: https://Ed4Career.com/promotion/free-ebook-guide-green-careers

Alongside the free eBook, we are also spotlighting our numerous green career training courses. Those people seeking continuing education opportunities in these prospective fields may view our vast number of courses, focusing on green building for contractors, green management, green supply chain practices and general sustainability practices.

“Emphasis on eco-friendly employment and a carbon neutral footprint in the workplace is at an all time high right now. People bringing knowledge of these concepts to the hiring table are being warmly accepted across a variety of different industries,” reports Dr. Tricia Seymour, Chief Operating Officer of Ed4Career. “Ed4Career is highlighting these concepts within our own organization and creating learning spaces where people can gain insight into how to reuse and recycle within their own careers.”

In 2013, Ed4Career made the switch to carbon neutral servers operating on 100 percent renewable energy at Pair.com. As a company, we also utilize a number of eco-friendly operations, including telecommuting for our employees and office recycling policies at our corporate offices.

For more information regarding Ed4Career’s sustainable initiatives, more information about our green courses or to download a copy of our free eBook, please visit https://Ed4Career.com/promotion/free-ebook-guide-green-careers


By Kris Powers | April 15th 2014

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