Continuous Learning: A Career Necessity

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No matter what your career, you want to make yourself as indispensable as possible. Continuing your education, and adding new skills to your resume, can make you more desirable to employers and can allow you to more easily pursue your career ambitions.

“In a fast-moving, competitive world, being able to learn new skills is one of the keys to success. It’s not enough to be smart — you need to always be getting smarter,” says Heidi Grant Halvorson, a motivational psychologist and author of the HBR Single Nine Things Successful People Do Differently.

In addition to making you more attractive to both current and prospective employers, learning something new helps the brain function more effectively, improves self-esteem and assists in healthy aging.

Online courses are ideal for working adults who need to manage their continuing education along with their other responsibilities.

Through continued learning you can:

1.       Gain qualifications. Gain knowledge, skills and training that will help you master your role and responsibilities in your current profession.

2.       Keep relevant in your industry. Learn more about the latest developments in your industry and stay relevant in your field.

3.       Meet new people. In addition to enrolling in online courses; be sure to attend conferences and networking events to socialize and meet new business contacts.

4.       Build deeper relationships. Staying current in your field and being able to share your latest learning will help you to build connections with others in your profession.

5.       Demonstrate your professionalism. Show current and potential employers that you are motivated to be successful by pursuing professional development opportunities.

6.       Build your confidence. When you have more knowledge of a topic, you may speak more confidently to others; allowing them to see you as an expert in your field.

7.       Hone your existing skills and help you discover new skills. Times are constantly changing; staying current in professional development is a must!

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By Kris Powers | November 15th 2017

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